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Obama: Keeping the Titanium-Fisted Reign of Robot Overlords At Bay

BY Nick Judd | Friday, June 24 2011

Via Politico, President Barack Obama visits Carnegie Mellon University and decrees that its robotics lab is in no danger of heralding in the alloy bootheels of automaton rule: I just met with folks from some cutting ... Read More

"Online Conservative Army" Claims Takedown of Obama Facebook Event Page

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, April 21 2011

Daily Caller commentator Matt Lewis made the case yesterday that conservative commenters somehow brought down the comments section on Obama's Facebook townhall yesterday, a claim reprinted by ABC's Jake Tapper and Amy ... Read More

Obama and His iPad: I Do Not Think "Tether" Means What You Think It Means

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, March 30 2011

Here's a funny little mix-up that happened when normal human speech got translated to technologist talk. The tech press is running with a report that not only did President Barack Obama talk at a Univision townhall ... Read More

The Importance of Optics: Augmented Reality Edition

BY Nick Judd | Wednesday, January 26 2011

Obama: The economy is great! Sunlight: No it isn't ... Obama: Look at how we're investing in the energy industry! Sunlight: Look at how the energy industry is investing in federal government. Take a look at the ... Read More

About that C-SPAN Pledge...

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, February 8 2010

Credit: C-SPAN The White House seems to be gearing up to kill three birds with one stone. Read More

Ethics and Believability in Politics: On Sifry's Theory of an 'Obama Disconnect'

BY Peter Daou | Tuesday, January 5 2010

Cross-posted at Huffington Post Micah Sifry has written a widely discussed essay about the denuded Obama grassroots movement, touching on a broad range of issues, from the campaign team's exertion of top-down control to ... Read More

Fallows on that "Great Firewall" Question

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, December 2 2009

The Atlantic's Jim Fallows has been parsing Obama's recent Asia trip from every angle. Fallows has taken a pathologist's interest in understanding how American media coverage of the swing that painted it as a series of ... Read More

Hope for the Obama Network from Massachussetts

BY Zephyr Teachout | Wednesday, May 20 2009

There's a fantastic post about the OFA Massachussetts meeting on Bottom up Change yesterday. I recommend reading the entire post--its rich and thoughtful, and gives me some real hope for creating power out of the network ... Read More

Learning from Obama's Campaign Structure: How to Organize for Success

BY Colin Delany | Thursday, March 5 2009

Part Two of a six-part series, cross-posted on e.politics Structure isn't sexy -- but to talk about the critical online tools of 2008 without discussing the framework that governed their use would be missing the most ... Read More