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Orcinus is tracking incidents of 'violence, threats or intimidation'

BY Christian Crumlish | Tuesday, November 2 2004

David Neiwert is setting up a blog clearinghouse at his site, Orcinus, to report incidents of violence, threats, or intimidation against Democratic campaign workers, supporters, and voters.

(He leaves it to "the other side" to track any reciprocal shenanigans.)

Thus far he is tracking incidents in a number of categories:

  • Attacks on campaign headquarters
  • Bush supporters intimidate/assault Kerry supporters/war protesters
  • Police mistreat protesters
  • Kerry supporters' homes/cars vandalized
  • Threatening Kerry supporters' employment

Neiwert welcomes contributions from readers:

As always, I'm looking for reader contributions. I realize my criteria are fairly rigorous - there are, of course, various kinds of nastiness that don't really fit these descriptions.