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Bill Clinton Gets Webbier

BY Ari Melber | Monday, May 25 2009

Hillary Clinton has been talking up online diplomacy, as Micah Sifry and Nancy Scola reported in this space, and her husband is getting in on the act, too.

During a recent trip to Seoul for the C40 climate summit, the former president invited citizens to get in on the meetings. Through his Facebook page and an email blast, Clinton outlined his organization's plan and called for citizen questions:

We're starting with 16 projects across the world, from Brazil to India. These developments will commit to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions to below zero, setting a groundbreaking standard for all cities to follow. This is a momentous step in my Foundation's mission to combat climate change. To mark the occasion, I'm inviting supporters like you to ask me questions about our climate work. I'll answer four selected questions in a video response. (emphasis in original.)

Clinton has uploaded video responses to citizen questions before, and back in 2006, of course, he held a long meeting with progressive bloggers -- a first for a former president.