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Shaping Broadband Strategy from the White House

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, May 1 2009

Congress Daily's David Hatch has an interesting take on the crafting of a national broadband program that's happening right at the moment. The context: the stimulus package puts the spending of $20 billion in recovery monies to achieve greater broadband into the hands of agency officials -- USDA and offices within the Commerce Department in particular; meanwhile, the FCC is the point institution for developing the policy approach behind bringing more and better Internet to more Americans. Hatch notes, though, that a handful of White House officials have been taken the lead on shaping the early stages of the federal broadband program. Not wanting to step on agency toes, the White House is positioning its people -- the National Economic Council's Susan Crawford, and OSTP's Tom Kalil and Jim Kohlenberger among them -- as serving as liaisons and coordinators of the effort. If you're into federal broadband policy and practice, well worth a read.
(Actual photo of the Internet by Martin Deutsch)