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White House Videos Attracting More and More Eyeballs

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, April 28 2009

Many Eyes: Video Viewership on

Nielsen has some new numbers showing that video viewership on has skyrocketed over the last month, going from 75,000 unique viewers in February to 252k in March. (Thanks, Ari Melber) That's perhaps not all that surprising, as the team has been posting more and more video content. Perhaps more surprising is that it's not the 18 to 24 year old set that's necessarily driving that growth. The 35 to 49 age bracket is putting up big numbers -- 178 against an index score of 100. As are the 65-plusers, at a score of 148. Sadly, viewership amongst two to 11 year olds is at a mere 2. Those otherwise-occupied kiddies are represented by the tiny lavender bubble in the chart I whipped up to the right. Perhaps the White House needs to start pumping out more cartoons.

Now's probably as good a time as any to mention that the White House team has gotten into the habit of streaming coverage of what's happening each day over at their White House Live site. You could, in theory, spend nearly all your day watching what's happening on White House grounds or wherever the President travels. Someone should make a movie about that.

Nielson also notes that's Open for Questions feature pulled in 618,000 unique visitors during the month.