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Organizing for America in "Every County, Every Precinct, Every Block, Every Neighborhood"

BY Micah L. Sifry | Monday, April 27 2009

Jeremy Bird, the deputy director of Organizing for America, was back in South Carolina for the Democratic party state convention. In this video, shot by a local activist, he talks about the intensive community organizing model that was "in many ways started here in South Carolina" during the campaign, and promises that OFA is going to staff up across the state and cover "every county, every precinct, every block, every neighborhood." That's an audacious goal, reflective more of the Obama campaign at its height than anything the Democratic party has had in the state (or in just about any state) in the past.

I'm gathering notes on OFA's continuing development, hopefully for a longer piece (if time ever permits me to pull it all together), but I'll keep posting updates in the meantime as I come across interesting news. That includes helping sort out what is or isn't going on with the myBO's C.A.N. groups. Feel free to ping me directly, or add a comment here about OFA developments you're seeing in your state. Are they going to be able to cover every block and every neighborhood? What's going on in your neck of the woods?