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About That Unfilled U.S. CTO Post

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, April 14 2009

The Associated Press notes that one step below cabinet-level positions, the Obama Administration has quite a few gaps in its staff line-up. (They've got one particularly striking example in their piece: 19 of the 20 top appointed slots at HHS are being filled by career employees serving in an acting capacity. The 20th slot is open.) Really, though, this is just a lead-in to the point that just under three months into the new presidency, the promised first U.S. Chief Technology Officer has yet to be named. That's not all that surprising, giving the staffing ramp-up of any new administration. But what's more noteworthy is that the considerable chatter and floated names of the administration's early days -- remember the speculation that Steve Jobs was really skipping Macworld because he was prepping for move to the District? -- have quieted to near silence.