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White House Reignites Never-Ending Virtual Town Hall

BY Ari Melber | Friday, April 3 2009

The White House released a new video on Friday, tackling another question from last week's virtual town hall with President Obama. White House aides had indicated they would continue to engage citizen questions, as I reported for PDF this week, and the new video features an official for disability policy, Kareem Dale, responding to a video submission about health care for people with disabilities.

In its announcement of the video, the White House noted that President Obama answered "every question" that was the "top vote-getter in its category" during the press conference, but that officials had also "particularly hoped" there was enough time to address the disability health care question, submitted on YouTube by Becky Blitch.

It is great to see the White House tap "Open for Questions" as an ongoing resource for citizen engagement and dialogue. If more questions are highlighted and answered over time, citizens are more likely to see the project as a valuable way to engage the government, even though the vast majority of questions are not answered by the President during the actual town hall.

The new White House video is here.