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Strike! Lessig, Trippi's Line in the Sand Draws $1 Million from (un)Donors

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, March 11 2009

YouTube - Austin Powers - 100 billion dollarsLarry Lessig and Joe Trippi take to Politico to announce that their "Donor Strike" has passed the one-million-dollar mark. Even if you like to play grouchy cynic, the Change Congress campaign is a creative demonstration of how activists can bundle together small caches of political power heretofore scattered amongst the citizenry. The deal is thus. Senators and Representatives either back the Fair Elections Now Act -- a bill that rewards candidates who depend on small-dollar donors -- or find themselves potential targets of a donor strike. Through FEC validation or self-reporting, Change Congress tallies how much strikees kicked in last cycle (and are, in theory, withholding this time around). Change Congress is estimating that Dianne Feinstein is out $260,000, Chuck Schumer is $113,000 poorer, and Nancy Pelosi's coffers are $57,000 lighter.