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Daily Digest | Looking To Upgrade: A GOP Tech Revival?

BY Joshua Sherman | Tuesday, February 17 2009

  • GOP Tech Revival Earns Some "Amens" The GOP Tech Summit has passed and the daylong conference seeems to have been well received. Nancy has reactions from online conservatives as well as analysis of what was accomplished. Read more.
  • If Citizens Critique a Done Bill, Can a President Hear It? The White House has committed itself to posting non-emergency legislation online for public comment for a period of five days. What is the point, though, if that bill is guaranteed to be signed? Read more.
  • Worldwide Terrorism Incidents: a great dataset for open government data geeks Matthew Burton asks if there are any coders who know Processing, ActionScript, or some other data visualization language to take a look at the 6MB XML file released by National Counterterrorism Center. The department took the advice of Ed Felten and his team at Princeton, authors of "Government Data and the Invisible Hand" which argued that government agencies should stop trying to present information to the public because they aren't any good at it. Read more.
  • Gingrich Eager for a Twitter Review Course Yesterday, Micahel Patrick Leahy, who is responsible for the meme Top Conservatives on Twitter (#TCOT), invited Newt Gingrich to teach a class at his TCOT University. Gingrich needed a little help though and wasn't afraid to ask. Read more.
  • #p2 Takes on the Progressive Twitter Challenge Following in the Twit-steps of conservatives' #TCOT, a flurry of different progressive hashtags were attempted to do the same thing for progressives. Now #p2 aims to bring together participants from all progressive groups on Twitter and it is picking up steam. Read more.
  • Baby Steps by to Expand Public Comment Function Micah reports on the changes made by to allow for expanded commenting. Read more.
  • Following @dipnote: Hillary Clinton Steps Out Tom Watson writes about the other rock star in the Obama Administration, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The expansion of the State Department online operations, like Dipnote, its blog/twitter-feed, seems primed for President Obama's primary international goal: rebuilding the U.S. brand overseas. Read more.