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Bernstein's Got a Blog

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, February 13 2009

Google Image Result for one, that is. Vice President Joe Biden's economist-in-chief Jared Bernstein announced in a post on the White House blog that he's got his own blog in the works: the "Middle Class Task Force Blog," housed at the new Bernstein's site joins and on the growing list of stand-alone micro-sites the domain-happy administration is launching. The new URL, though, simply redirects to a directory on the domain, and the blog is, for now, a handful of middle-classy posts from the main White House blog.

Bernstein isn't new to blogging. He's been a frequent contributor over on the Talking Points Memo empire's TPM Cafe. Sample line: "First, the chutzpah of Paulson and the administration is astounding...)

There was some outcry over the transition's use of, which required a waiver from GSA. But the administration seems on firmer footing here. After all, now that they're running the executive branch, ".gov" is largely theirs to play with.