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Daily Digest: Grading OFA's Organizing, Building a Bill Buffer, Remixing the President

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, February 9 2009

In Case You Missed It...

Noting House Republican Pete Hoekstra's Twittering from Baghdad -- in apparent violation of a zipped-lip agreement around the trip -- Nancy Scola notes that "legislator-journalists" might join the list of things sticking in traditional media's craw. And Matt Burton asks what Hoekstra's tweeting means for the future of Congress on Twitter.

Mobile Voter's Ben Rigby's has posted a rich piece on virtual volunteerism -- including his new project, The Extraordinaries -- that is sparking a spirited discussion. Do check it out.

Tom Watson writes a new plan on open government coming out of the U.K. might light a path for citizen participation in the U.S.

Finally, we're thrilled to announce that Peter Daou's seminal "triangle" essay on the limits blog power, which has been nearly impossible to find on the web in recent years, is now being housed at techPresident.

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