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Halloween Comes Early. Are You Afraid? [UPDATED]

BY Alan Rosenblatt | Tuesday, October 28 2008

Danny Elfman, the avant-garde rock star and composer is making his first ever incursion into politics. While the Simpsons are gearing up for their Halloween special, their theme song composer Elfman has launched Our Greatest Fear.

Our Greatest Fear is a online/offline campaign with a simple message: McCain is very old and very likely to die in office. That would make Sarah Palin president. And that is Elfman's greatest fear. And it seems this fear has convinced him that getting into politics for the first time is the thing to do.

Elfman has created an ad featuring McCain aging, then morphing into Palin. Central to the campaign is a fundraising ask to help run the ad in as many media markets as possible (on TV).

This campaign focuses more squarely on McCain's age and the consequences of his selection of an inexperienced running mate more than almost any other campaign out there.

So, Elfman would ask, are you afraid?