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Michelle Obama 2008 Convention Address

BY stevegarfield | Tuesday, August 26 2008

Where is Michelle Obama?

It's hard to find a high quality combination of both good audio and video of Michelle Obama's DNC speech.

In the end, Google video had the best experience with good audio and user control. It was a better experience than watching on the C-Span site, where the video comes from. Ironic. The DNC site had great video but poor audio. The YouTube version, on the Obama '08 page, edited the introduction.

Google Video ( C-Span ):
August 25, 2008 C-SPAN Michelle Obama Keynote Address to the 2008 Democratic National Convention. 36 min.

Mrs.Obama is joined her daughters Milia and Sasha, and then Barack gets in the picture via satellite. This video includes the video introduction, her brother's introduction and her speech.

Quality: OK video quality, very good audio.

The embeded C-Span video player includes scollbars and is very small. Note: To delete those scrollbars, you need to add "scrolling="no"" to the code. You can watch this video on the C-Span page but you must disable any pop-up blockers first.

Quality: Great sound, but you can't scrub ahead to fast forward through the video. No control equals a poor user experience.

Democratic National Convention - Official Site:
Remarks, Michelle Obama. In HD. Requires Silverlight and Move Networks video player.

Quality: Great video, but the audio has a lot of pops and cut outs. Poor sound quality detracts from the beautiful vieo experience. Includes Michelle's brother's introduction.

Searching for Michelle Obama's speech this morning, resulted in a Sponsored Link from the Obama campaign, Watch Michelle's Speech, that leads you to a sign up page which has a 1:35 embeded YouTube video, Backstage with Michelle. That's not the speech I was looking for. Clicking around on YouTube some more I found it, Michelle Obama at 2008 Democratic National Convention. 20:14 min.

Quality: This version has an very short introduction by Michelle's brother. Good audio and average quality video. No high quality viewing option.

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