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Promoting Your Own Convention

BY Alan Rosenblatt | Thursday, August 21 2008

It simply boggles my mind that neither the Republican or Democratic Party websites link to their respective convention websites from their homepages. Nor do they even mention the conventions--no dates, no locations, no nothing!

The Democratic Party convention starts this coming Monday and everyone seems to be talking about it, except the DNC's own website. And while the Republican Party convention isn't until September 1, it is still close enough that it should be promoted on the party's website.

Let's be clear, each party is spending millions of dollars on these huge media spectacles and they aren't promoting it on their own websites, which they could do for free. If I were a citizen looking for information about the conventions online I would do one of two things, search for the conventions on a search engine or go to the official party website to find the link.

Official Score:
Search Engines 1
Party Websites 0

Game over?

Maybe they are just waiting for the right moment.