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Daily Digest: The Mobilized Mob Does as It Pleases

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, June 30 2008

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The Web on the Candidates

  • "The mob, now mobilized, will do as it pleases." That was keynoter Mark Pesce at PdF '08, and there are signs today that he might have been onto something. A "Senator Obama Please Vote NO on Telecom Immunity – Get FISA Right" protest group launched with a couple mouse clicks on Barack Obama's last Wednesday has swelled to 4,160 members, making it at the moment the fifth largest group on the campaign's official social-networking site. There's now an off-site wiki dedicated to growing the group and ginning up interest in the press. And all this week, MoveOn will be emailing its giant membership list encouraging anti-FISAites to join the MyBO group. The Obama campaign is facing a question: what does their ground-breaking style of collaborative campaigning mean when it comes time to tackle the hard tasks of governing? The Nation's Ari Melber has more.

  • Also on the holding-candidates-accountable front, The Obama Let Down Watch is a new watchdog site launched by a pair of Obama supporters to, they write, "ensure that Senator Obama lives up to the standards -- and the expectations -- which he has set."

  • The New York Times' has a timely story out about how "freelancers" are using cheap tools to have an out-sized voice in the campaigns, but their poster child is not a kid in a garage with an iMac and a copy of iMovie, but Robert Greenwald -- a high-profile California filmmaker who runs the well-established film shop Brave New Films. Robert, who spoke on a PdF '08 panel on political video, has proven that digital shorts can have a big impact online, having garnered more than 20 million views and counting with series like "The Real McCain" and the "Fox Attacks."

  • A bit more freelancer-y is the effort from the Arizona-based outfit SyntheticHuman Pictures, whose "I'm Voting Republican" video is a polished short that blends some pointed anti-Republican arguments with humor; one faux-Republican couple explains their own reasoning: "We just love cheap plastic crap from China." It's a message and approach that seems to have legs. The Internet monitoring firm Hitwise reports that, in the last two weeks, the site set up to house the video captured a higher market share than

  • Baraculture watch: Without direction or support from campaign HQ, a good number of Obama supporters are changing their middle names to "Hussein" on social networking sites and in their email handles, hoping to make the candidate's Arabic name seem a little less frighteningly foreign.

TechCongress and Beyond

  • Both the Republican convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul this September and the Democratic National convention in Denver this August will be host to about 200 credentialed bloggers -- a sharp increase from the 42 total bloggers who had passes for the 2004 party gatherings.

In Case You Missed It...

C-SPAN has posted video of selected sessions from Personal Democracy Forum 2008. Sit back and enjoy:

We'll be posting our own video of conference sessions in the weeks to come.

Barely Political, the team behind the "Obama Girl" videos, has posted a collection of short interview clips from PdF '08. Watch it to see technopoliticos struggle to find words when confronted by the microphone of Obama Girl herself, Amber Lee Ettinger.