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Daily Digest: Obama's One Miiiiillionth Fan

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, June 18 2008

The Web on the Candidates

The Candidates on the Web

TechCongress and Beyond

In Case You Missed It…

Man, has geekdom gone mainstream. Jonathan Zittrain
joined Steven Colbert night to
discuss the steps we need to take to preserve the Internet's happy chaos
Jonathan, you might recall, will be keynoting day two of the upcoming
'08 conference

Hillary Clinton dropped
far less coin on online advertising
than Barack Obama has, reports
Kate Kaye. To cite one metric, Clinton spent just under
$300,000 for Google ads all of this year and the last, while Obama has
spent more than $2 million on the same in '08 alone.

Tracy Russo argues that McCain's recent claims that
he indeed groks the Internet are simply
"not enough."
In a comment on Tracy's post, Micah
points to a New York Sun editorial that defends
the candidate's self-professed computer illiteracy
: "Without
a computer, he has more time to spend with his family and friends, time
that he might have squandered surfing the Internet." Indeed. It's
like why I don't go in for electricity. When it gets dark, I go to bed.
I find myself far more rested than my peers.