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Daily Digest: McCain's Kids Help Him Get the Net

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, June 17 2008

The Web on the Candidates

  • A new online-only ad launched by the Michigan Republican Party to
    coincide precisely with Barack Obama's visit to the
    Great Lake State pokes the candidate with the question "What
    Took You So Long?"

  • My friends, the time has come for us to see just what happens when
    young Republicans "stop being polite and start getting real."
    Real World Republicans,
    a new project just out of the gate from TechRepublican's David
    , is geared towards closing the
    demographic gap that finds the right trailing among young people

    by bringing 20- and 30-somethings into the Republican fold. Says the
    site, "we're cool and young and funny and totally committed to
    our cause."

  • The Associated Press is inching off its
    aggressive stance against bloggers who excerpt and link to their articles
    but the AP has really cheesed off some parts of the blogosphere by
    suggesting that corporate headquarters and not bloggers would ultimately
    decide what the admittedly fuzzy "fair use" legal concept
    means when it comes to AP's stuff. An Associated Press VP is
    now calling the spirited, um, discussion
    "a helpful episode."
    An AP boycott petition is brewing at

  • IPDI's Julie Germany has
    a Q&A with
    Porter Bayne, the creator of Ameritocracy,
    a gorgeously-designed very 2.0 new community centered around having
    your say on what comes out of politicians' mouths. Ameritocracy's
    still in beta, but you can get in now using the invite code ipdi.

  • North Carolina Democratic Senate candidate and Liddy Dole
    challenger Kay Hagen pulled in $15,000 this week
    via the Dem cash clearinghouse ActBlue. How'd she manage such a feat?
    According to ActBlue's
    valuable new Campaign Newswire
    , Hagen was the lucky beneficiary
    of a concerted fundraising push organized by the blogger SenateGuru
    and "a group of North Carolina lawyers." With its weekly
    updates, the NewsWire is an excellent asset for examining the online
    nexus between what happens on the campaign trail and the dollars that
    flow into a candidate's coffers. Grab NewWire's RSS feed here.

  • The Candidates on the Web

    • Politico's Jonathan Martin makes note of John
      McCain's some-of-my-best-friends-are-wired
      : "As the father of young men and women ranging from
      16 to 23, I understand from important and vital a role
      the Internet plays." (McCain went on to praise the Obama campaign's
      use of the net.) Also from Martin: has Obama has been going around
      Google-this and Google-that
      lately to contrast his tech savvy
      against McCain's use of the unorthodox phrase "a Google"?

    • The results are in from the first go-round of the
      McCain News Hunt
      , a joint project of the Huffington Post's Off
      the Bus and NewsTrust. A great big pile of McCain-related
      stories were rated and reviewed in an attempt to filter out the most
      useful news takes on the all-but-certain Republican nominee.
      Jay Rosen
      his findings
      , but Jay's commenters raise the obvious question:
      is the left-leaning audience for the project engaging in an act of
      confirmation bias, looking for stories that support what they already

    • A look
      at our Facebook charts
      suggests that Obama is going to hit the one
      million friends mark at approximately, oh, 2:12 p.m. Eastern time today.

    TechCongress and Beyond

    • "When meaningful dialog happens between congress members on twitter,
      then we're all on the house floor." -- The Open House Project's
      John Wonderlich
      micro-blogging electeds

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