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Daily Digest: Obama Finds Politics' Tiny Lobster Forks

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, June 12 2008

The Web on the Candidates

The Candidates on the Web

  • When you want to check out an urban legend, you hit The Obama campaign is hoping that when you want to check out a rumor about their candidate you'll hop on over to the new It's a one-stop shop for debunking of stories about Obama, but is the campaign taking a risk giving high-profile attention to these rumors? Obama the constitutional lawyer seems willing to gamble on the "the best antidote to bad speech is more speech" approach.

  • Obama's "cybergenic instincts" are one key to his success, writes Silicon Valley tech forecaster Paul Saffo. He reports on a dinner with Clinton folks where he left "the distinct impression that Hillary Clinton and her team were anything but passionate about digital media."

From the Newly Created "TechCongress and Beyond" File...

In Case You Missed It...

Liza Sabater says a snarky new "I'm Voting Republican" video represents "the defining meme of the 2008 general elections."

Micah Sifry looks at the nascent Rasiej for President campaign. Seriously. For real.

Patrick Ruffini reports that the secret to is one word: "eGroups."

Josh Levy expresses warm fondness for the return of the McCain Girls. You feeling okay there, Joshie? I think a couple of weeks away from the Digest might have caused him to take leave of his senses.