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Favorite Videos: Fist Bumps "Of Hope"?

BY Micah L. Sifry | Friday, June 6 2008

It's Friday, which means it's time for our favorite new political videos the week. From Kosovo minefields to lobbyist lollypops to "fist bumps of hope," we've got it all.

The McCain continues with its mysterious approach to YouTube, uploading yesterday a two-minute video called "Operation Smile - Kosovo Minefields." The video stars McCain's wife Cindy, and shows her in Kosovo with some British relief workers with the HALO Trust, who are explaining the situation with an uncleared minefield. The video doesn't explain much, leading one commenter asks, "What's the point of this video? To show how Cindy will do press ops for things she knows nothing about and has ZERO to add to global politics?" In fact McCain is on the board of the HALO Trust, and has also visited its demining operations in Anglola, Sri Lanka, Mozambique and Cambodia.

Any time you can link the word "panties" to the "word" torture, you're going to get YouTube views. Here's TPMtv's mashup of Rep. Dana Rohrabacher comparing the treatment of detainees in Guantanamo Bay with a fraternity hazing. Rohrabacher may have a point, but his odd recurring references to female underwear (at least eight times) and his chuckling about it pretty much undermine whatever it was. 10,000+ plus views in one day.

Clinton campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe in a Hawaiian shirt celebrating Hillary Clinton as the nominee of the Democratic party is the centerpiece of this compilation of his greatest moments as the campaign's most devoted spinner. Watch while interviewers like Harry Smith of CBS literally laugh in his face as he tries to claim that Clinton was ahead in the popular vote. What will we do without Terry the Mac? The funny thing about McAuliffe is that he has the most obvious "tell" of anyone I've ever watched lie on TV--he shakes his head from left to right and smiling nervously while he spins, as if to say, nonverbally, "No, I don't believe I'm saying this, either." 35,000 views so far.

The RNC seems to be getting a little traction with its "Democrats vs. Obama" video, a compilation of some of the worst things people like Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards had to say about the Democratic nominee over the last year. 67,000 views since the video was posted June 4.

The other Republican candidate for President, Ron Paul, hasn't stopped running, and in an ominous sign for John McCain, he was still racking up double-digit levels of support in the last primaries of the campaign. Here's a new video just uploaded to YouTube by his campaign, showing him speaking at a fundraiser in San Diego. It's 22 minutes long and he's got 2,300 views since yesterday. (hat tip: Andrew Malcolm)

Meanwhile, the folks at Campaign Money Watch deliver a box of "Lobby-Pops" to the McCain campaign--118 in all, one for each lobbyist employed by McCain. The video itself is about as exciting as watching paint dry, but now I can't get their darn lobbyist-lollypop song out of my head. 3,300 views so far.

Everybody is talking this morning about the Barack-Michelle "fist bump of hope" from Tuesday night, so we figured we'd give in and talk about it too. It's usually cringe-inducing when grown-ups try to look cool (believe me, I know, I have two teenagers), but the Obamas seem so natural and informal in this moment, it's probably having the opposite effect on viewers. But, headline writers, can we not start using the " of hope" phrase? You're going to kill it. 136,000+ views.