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Favorite Videos of the Week: Los Candidatos en Puerto Rico

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, May 30 2008

This Sunday is the Puerto Rico Primary, and the Democratic candidates are doing their best to show their inner Puerto Rican-ness by dancing in the streets, drinking the local beer, and speaking accented Spanish. We’ll see how they fare on Sunday. Also, a curious Memorial Day message from John McCain and a glimpse at Hillary Clinton’s early life in elementary school.

6. Podemos Con Obama

Going after the Puerto Rican vote this Sunday and the Latino vote in the general, music producer Andres Levin produced this “Yes We Can”-style video featuring a slate of Latin music stars. The clip of Jessica Alba is taken from’s “We Are The Ones. Is that cheating? Like “Yes We Can,” this video is featured on’s DipDive site, and has been viewed about 15,000 times on YouTube.

5. Hillary Clinton Dancing in Puerto Rico

When in San Juan… Campaigning in Puerto Rico, Hillary grabs a beer (“It’s good. It’s very good”) and shows off some moves. At about 23 seconds in, she closes her eyes and briefly goes into herself, perhaps dreaming of a time after June 3 when she can catch some shut-eye. About 20,000 views on YouTube.

4. Barack Obama in Puerto Rico

Obama shows that two can play the dancing game, showing off his improvised moves on the streets of Puerto Rico. About 3,600 views on YouTube.

3. PR “Mensaje a Puerto Rico” Ad

Also in time for this Sunday’s Puerto Rico primary, Barack does a TV ad entirely in Spanish, and doesn’t mangle things too badly. About 1,700 views YouTube.

2. Web Ad: Memorial Day

John McCain has a different message for Memorial Day: “Let’s — from time to time — remember that [immigrants] are God’s children.” The video was taken from a Republican debate from last year, and anti-immigration crusader Tom Tancredo looms in one shot. Needless to say, McCain’s “soft” stance on immigration is a hard sell to much of the GOP base. About 3,400 views on YouTube.

1. Meet Young Hillary Clinton

Produced by YouTube video makers 60frames, Young Hillary Clinton picks up on the Hillary-was-always-like-this theme first expressed in Slate’s classic parody of Election from earlier this year. Clearly, politics isn’t high school; it’s elementary school. More than 30,000 views on YouTube, though the video is also featured on Funny Or Die.