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Daily Digest: Edwards Jumps on the Barackwagon

BY Joshua Levy | Thursday, May 15 2008

Edwards Endorses Obama

  • The wait is over: John Edwards is endorsing Barack Obama. We first found out early yesterday evening, but the info didn't come from the boob tube, or from, or from a little poli-birdy in our ears. Well, was a kind of bird; it was Twitter that did the trick. John Dickerson -- Slate reporter and journo-twitterer extraordinaire -- tweeted the news yesterday at around 5pm. In the world of breaking news, Twitter reigns supreme.

  • Missing from the stage last night: Elizabeth Edwards. Ben Smith saw the writing on the wall, as it were.

  • Just after Edwards gave his endorsement speech an email from his campaign arrived in by inbox. I naturally assumed it had something to do with Barack Obama. Wrong! Titled, "Help me in North Carolina," it was an ask for donations to his College for Everyone program. At first it seemed like an incongruous piece of messaging, but it's possible that open rates, and thus donations, were sky high. Maybe it was a smarter move than we first thought.

  • Check out that jump for Edwards on our Technorati charts. Folks are quickly speculating as to what role Edwards might play in the Obama campaign and an Obama administration. Word on the street, however, is that there's a greater chance of Bill Clinton inviting Obama to a boys' night out in Chappaqua than Edwards claiming the VP spot.

  • Meanwhile, Edwards' homepage is stuck on January 30, 2008.

In Other News

  • That Obama smear video that claims has been viewed more than one million times (see our contention of that claim here), and that manages to reproduce almost every untruth that's been spun about the candidate, was produced by former wedding videographer and Christian TV producer Jason "Molotov" Mitchell. Wired's Sarah Lai Stirland has the goods, reviewing Mitchell's history of provocative videomaking. He may be good at making noise, but it doesn't look like Mitchell is so good at, or much interested in, the truthiness side of things.

  • DNC Chairman Howard Dean has announced the state blogs selected to be part of the "State Blogger Corps" at this year's Democratic National Convention. A full list is here, and even a passing glance makes it clear that Democratic and progressive blogging is alive and well across the country. Will we see a similar effort from the RNC?

  • In a new Atlantic issue virtually devoted to Barack Obama, Marc Ambinder goes down the well-treaded path of documenting the various ways new media technologies have changed our politics, from Andrew Jackson and newspapers to FDR and radio to JFK and television to Obama and the internet. If Obama wins the presidency, "it will be in no small part because he has understood the medium more fully than his opponents do," Ambinder writes . He details the ways that Obama not only gets social networking and online video, but his intuitive understanding of how the web promotes participatory democracy. But the web can be "unruly and fickle," and it could either make Obama a powerful president, or forestall his agenda.

  • Another way that Obama gets technology: he has an iPhone!

In Case You Missed It…

Micah Sifry is at Harvard today and tomorrow attending the Berkman Center's 10th anniversary. If you want to peek in on the proceedings, there are lots of ways to join in: You can watch Steve Garfield's live video streams on, you can log into the IRC back-channel at, and there's a lot of blogging, twittering and flickring happening, all grouped around the tag "Berkmanat10."