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Some Changes to our Charts

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, March 7 2008

We've made some changes to our charts, to take into account the consolidation of the field in the major party primaries, and the appearance of some national names among the third party field. We're still keeping an eye on how all the present and former candidates are being talked about in the blogosphere, and we've starting tracking how an array of potential Vice Presidential contenders are popping up. Here are the details.

Ralph Nader is running for 2008, so we've added him to our MySpace, Facebook, and Technorati charts. We've also added Cynthia McKinney, a Green Party candidate.

Since there are no longer 18 candidates running for president, we've added new combined charts that display all of the candidates to the tops of our Facebook, Technorati, Eventful, and Hitwise charts (YouTube to come).
Here's a look at the new combined Technorati chart:

You'll see that in this chart we're including even those candidates that have dropped out; since some former candidates still pop up in the news (Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, Chris Dodd) it's helpful to keep on top of their mentions in the blogosphere. Our other non-Technorati charts only include current candidates.

We're also tracking blog mentions of possible vice presidential candidates in a new chart on the Technorati page. These are hand-picked by us, based on the names getting thrown around in public and in back rooms, and we'll continue to add them as we come across them. We've just started scraping that data, but in a week or two we should have some interesting data to report.
Finally, our front-page badges (except for the YouTube badge) also reflect these changes:

Hope you like 'em!