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Daily Digest: The Mac Is Whack?

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, February 15 2008

The Web on the Candidates

  • Warning: Viral video! There’s apparently an email being sent around with the subject line "Hillary Clinton Full Video !!!" that claims to include a link to a Hillary Clinton video. Instead, writes Robert Vamosi at Webware, the link downloads a “Trojan horse” — a piece of malicious software — that can wreak havoc on your computer’s innards (if you run Windows, that is). This won’t help any pro-Clinton videos go, er, viral.

  • Danny Glover comes out of the closet! The former editor of the National Journal’s Technology Daily and Beltway Blogosphere, and current editor of AirCongress, has launched, “an online platform for people to share and view videos, photos, articles and opinions on topics that are important to them — from news to political issues and rip-roaring humor.” Sounds interesting, though the About page doesn’t mention that the content is exclusively conservative; it’s supported by conservative media watchdog group the Media Research Center. In an interview with techPresident contributor David All, he makes it clear that he’s “proud to be a conservative” and that’s “it’s nice to be out of closet.” Somehow, we always knew! We’ll keep an eye on the new project.

  • Netroots favorite Donna Edwards won a Congressional seat in Maryland this week, defeating incumbent Al Wynn, who has voted opposite progressives on a number of issues. While progressive bloggers had put the full weight of their support behind her, Ari Melber points out in the Nation that the victory “is also the most successful web-powered challenge to the Congressional Black Caucus in the history of the ‘Blackroots.’” Much of the credit goes to Color of Change, the Blackroots organization led by James Rucker that supported Edwards’ run. The victory is proof that the netroots continue to have electoral influence, and they know it; check out the pic of Matt Stoller holding a t-shirt that reads “Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy” that accompanies Melber’s piece.

  • A couple of days ago former John Edwards staffer and MoveOn organizer Ben Brandzel posted a piece in the Huffington Post arguing that, according to his analysis of the policies on Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton's sites, Obama is the candidate most likely to pick up on Edwards' main cause of fighting poverty. Since then, a link to "Hillary's Poverty Agenda" has appeared on her "Strengthening the Middle Class" page. Hmm. As both candidates are eagerly seeking Edwards' support, could this just be a coincidence?

  • This little piece of web art is like the Chuck Norris Facts meme, except it’s devoted to banal facts like “Barack Obama bookmarked your website” and “Barack Obama spent the afternoon setting up your router.” (Hat tip, Ben Smith)

  • Poli-sci PhD candidate Brendan Nyhan charts the various ways that Barack Obama has been racking up his primary and caucus victories, and in doing so engages in some serious data-porn. It’s impossible to summarize all of the information here, so if you have a few hours on hand this afternoon, go take a look for yourself.

The Candidates on the Web

  • We’ve been noting that there’s a complete lack of online enthusiasm about John McCain, but he’s diligent about reaching out to conservative bloggers. The Blogometer’s Ian Faerstein rounds up reactions to a blogger conference call with McCain yesterday. The range of comments from folks like Ed Morrissey, Hugh Hewitt, Jim Geraghty, and Jennifer Rubin shows a great deal of support for McCain, especially concerning his Iraq policy. That’s good for McCain, who has a lot of work to do to get conservatives to vote for him. Will it be even harder to get them to make videos for him?

  • You thought the race was down to Clinton, Obama, McCain, Huckabee, and Paul? Think again. Te’DeVan “Rocketman” Kurzweill — the six-foot-seven-inch Jewish faith healer, rapper, and former nude comedian — is very much in the race.

In Case You Missed It…

If one blog post can point to a core demographics "way of thinking", then Liza Sabater
reasons that the outburst of discussion in the mommy blogosphere created by mommyblogger, The Queen of Spain, may indicate that Texas, Pennsylvania and Ohio will see a huge voting shift away from the former First Lady and current Senator of New York.

This week we feature a few videos that are either inspired by “Yes We Can,” or try to convey its positive message in favor of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. But we’ve come across no voter-generated videos in support of John McCain. Is he polarizing the right, is there a lack of energy, or what? This can’t bode well for the presumptive nominee’s campaign if there’s zero online citizen activity on his behalf.

Garrett Graff reminds us that today is YouTube’s birthday (the domain was registered on this day in 2005). It made its public debut at the end of the year and by mid-2006 was one of the fastest growing sites online. And, given what it helped do to ruin Republican Senator George Allen’s political career, it also changed the course of the 2008 election.