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Kintera Touts Tech Grants to Nonprofits

BY Kate Kaye | Monday, March 28 2005

Could Kintera's grant program appease the anti-business method patent crowd? Probably not. However, the software provider's expanded Innovation Grants program is an indication that the company is making an effort to help some nonprofit clients access technology that might be out of their reach otherwise.

According to a Kintera press release, "The new 2005 program will offer technology support for a select number of charities and causes, including organizations raising funds for disaster relief and those providing services to foster civic participation, as well as groups in sectors such as healthcare, education and religion."

Initial recipients, announced today, include water-related organizations, World Water Day 2005 and Ethos International, as well as The Global Fund for Women and Fuerza Latina, a non-profit group educating young Latinos.

Organizations can apply for grants, which apparently are awarded based on "how their efforts can promote nonprofit innovation, sector-wide learning, and best practices of long-term benefit to the nonprofit sector."