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Favorite Videos of the Week: Who's a Virus?

BY Micah L. Sifry | Friday, February 8 2008

Josh is away at a conference in Italy, so yours truly is filling in for him. If you miss his sardonic musings about these pearls of pop culture, don't worry, he'll be back next week. And with no further ado, here are our favorite political videos of the week:

Number 8: "Corruption" (by the Mike Gravel campaign)
He may no longer appear to be campaigning since he's been excluded from the debates, but Mike Gravel is still running, at least in the land of multimedia. Here is his team's latest effort, a slap at the whole money-drenched presidential campaign finance system. Only 200 views so far. Something tells us Gravel is going to keep running, and not as a Democrat, all the way to November. Look out Ralph!

Number 7: "TPMtv: Mittpocalypse Now"
Josh Marshall and his team of videographers have been banging on Mitt Romney for months, and in this video they don't let up, kicking him as he goes down. First he makes fun of Romney's withdrawal statement, then he calls him a "hypocritical conservative" that conservatives were willing to go with as long as he was consistent about his new-found positions. 1,600 views as of this morning.

Number 6: "Mitt Romney: The Changiest"
Sam Seder covers a Romney rally, and discovers that many Romney voters have, shall we say, gone through their own changes on the issues, like abortion. It's funny, but if you think about it, Seder's interviews demonstrate something important about many voters--they don't insist on perfect ideological consistency in themselves, and thus often excuse inconsistencies by politicians. Click the link above to watch, for some odd reason 23/6 doesn't offer an embed option (hello?).

Number 5: "Name one accomplishment by Obama"
Sean Hannity of Fox News asks Frank Luntz to ask a bunch of voters in a live focus group that question, and then, while some of them shake their heads, he jumps to claim that he's proven his point. This video is getting some traction--32,000 views so far--but if you listen closely, you'll hear several voters who do have real answers, like Obama's role in passing ethics reform. This is kind of unintentionally a nice example of Hannity's approach to the truth.

Number 4: "Hillary Prays for Help"
If Hillary Clinton makes it to the White House, Rosemary Watson will be set for life. Her impersonation is almost eerily perfect. Brought to you by the folks at

Number 3: "Ron Paul is a Virus"
I love how creative the Ronulans are. This one sings: "Ron Paul is a virus, Ron Paul is a virus, once you hear his message you're infected by it." Who knew you could make Fed-bashing hummable? If you watch this you won't be able to get the tune out of your head. 93,000 views so far.

Number 2: "Hillary and the Band"
Believe it or not, this video was actually made by the Clinton campaign. It's sad how bad this is. 175,000 views on YouTube so far. You know, bad can be viral and humanizing (just try singing the anthem off-key on-camera), but this is bad viral in a bad way. Bring back the team that made the Sopranos spoof!

Number 1: "Yes We Can" of the Black Eyed Peas and cool cast of helpers gave Barack Obama's campaign this gift the weekend before Super Tuesday. More than 2.3 million views at this link on YouTube, and millions elsewhere.