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Steve Garfield's Super Tuesday Coverage Plans With The UpTake.

BY stevegarfield | Sunday, February 3 2008

Here's a diagram of what I plan to be testing out using the Nokia N95-3 to broadcast live.

I'm going to stream live over the AT&T 3G network to Qik. When the stream starts, a message will be sent to my twitter stream informing my followers that I'm starting a live stream.

Next, the stream will show up on, my Mogulus channel at and and my Qik page at

At this point, viewers will be able to text chat with me and I'll see those messages show up on my phone.

I plan to have the live stream auto-go-live on my Mogulus channel, interrupting the pre-recorded playlist.

I'm also going to stream live to The UpTake at

In that case, my live stream won't break into The UpTake broadcast, I'll be cued to go live when the anchor in a remote city tosses it to me... Ha ha. Just like TV, but interactive.

Once I stop the live stream the video will be archived at Qik, and Mogulus.

The archived video will also then show up on Seesmic, where a video discussion can take place about the video.

Disclosure: I'm an investor in Seesmic.