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Ross Perot Surfaces

BY Micah L. Sifry | Thursday, January 17 2008

Jonathan Alter has a fun scoop in Newsweek: a rare interview with Ross Perot, America's most reclusive political figure. Three things jumped out at me in the interview, which was mainly about Perot's dislike of John McCain:
1. The tiny Texan is still incredibly obsessed with the cause of America's Vietnam POWs, and his belief that we left men behind there. Back in 1992, I worked with Thomas Ferguson on a long investigative piece he wrote for The Nation called "The Lost Crusade of Ross Perot" (which unfortunately isn't available online). It's a long trip down thru the looking glass, if you want to understand Perot's deep dislike of people like McCain and the Bush family, but it's all bound up in his belief that the US covered up the abandonment of POWs, and CIA drug-running in Southeast Asia had something to do with it.
2. The guy actually believed the wacky emails going around about Barack Obama being a Muslim who refused to respect the Pledge of Allegiance, saying to Alter that he admired his eloquence but thought it "a little odd that we would be less concerned about his background than being a Mormon." He apparently was "pleasantly surprised" when Alter set him straight.
3. He's not done with us! Hooray. While he isn't planning to run for president again, he says he "will launch a Web site next month with plenty of the charts and graphs he made famous when explaining the deficit in 1992."
I, for one, can't wait.