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Who's in for a 10 Questions meetup this Sunday afternoon?

BY Liza Sabater | Friday, November 9 2007

My computer broke about 2 weeks ago now and I've had to cope with life unwired. It's been really, really weird for me, so much so that I know declare to the world my full-fledge geekatude. Which got me thinking about the kind of people who may be creating submissions for 10Questions : the majority has to be, if not geeky, at least saavy gadgetistas.

My situation has given me pause and for that matter, I'm inviting people to come this Sunday to Rapture Cafe in NYC for a 10Questions meetup.

I'll be there from 3:00pm to 6:00pm downing coffees and making video clips of everybody who wants to submit a clip to 10questions.

What does it mean for saavy techPresident readers?

If you don't have a digital camera with video capabilities, a computer with WiFi or both, just bring yourself and the questions you would like to submit. We will have the cameras and the computers. Rapture Cafe has the coffee, beer and WiFi.

But please, if you are a hard-wired geek like me, bring your gear and at least one non-techie friend. That's the whole point --to invite the techless.

Here's the information :

Place : Rapture Cafe - Avenue A between 13th & 12th Streets
Time : 3pm - 6pm

See you there.