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OneWebDay: Edwards Gets It

BY Micah L. Sifry | Sunday, September 23 2007

It looks like only one presidential candidate understood the value of OneWebDay: John Edwards. (Here's my original post on the topic.) That's not really a surprise, given how well-stocked his campaign is with veterans of the Howard Dean campaign, the contribution of policy advisers like David Weinberger with a deep understanding of the web, and Elizabeth Edwards' longstanding involvement online. Here's his statement:

"As avid users of the Internet, Elizabeth and I are proud to salute OneWebDay 2007.

"Thanks to the Web, millions of people around the world have the opportunity to effect change and make profound differences for good in their communities.

"That is why it is vital that we overcome the digital divide which prevents many of our rural and African-American citizens from the same empowerment that others enjoy. All citizens, regardless of their economic status, must be able to access the Web and to use its power to transform their own lives.

"I am proud to have outlined an agenda to build a universal, affordable Internet with a starting place goal of giving all U.S. homes and businesses access to real high-speed Internet by 2010.

"It is also critical that the Web remain free and unfettered of government interference. We must continue to preserve the uniquely democratic nature of the Internet, which allows all of us to contribute on equal footing with big businesses and political institutions. My commitment, as president, will be to ensure that the FCC preserves free expression and competition on the Internet by continuing to enforce net neutrality, ensuring no degradation or blocking of access to Web sites.

"Elizabeth and I congratulate and commend the organizers of OneWebDay for raising awareness of importance of Internet access for all."