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Dodd supports Marijuana decriminalization

BY stevegarfield | Thursday, September 13 2007

Bill Maher: Can you give me a good reason why in a free and fair society marijuana should be illegal?

Chris Dodd: And again, and ah the overall of general of allowing ah the the decriminalization I strongly advocate as well.

You can mashup the Democratic Debate over on Yahoo!'s Jumpcut site. It takes some work though since the online interface isn't as direct as that of a desktop editor, but you can edit the clips and make your own mashups.

I edited down a long winded question by Bill Maher and shortened Chris Dodd's answer to get to the point quickly. It's kind of like those services that edit down baseball games into 15 minutes. Someone could do that do a debate and give viewers the main points in a quick summary. It'd be a lot of work though.

I'll be interested to see what type of creative results come from this.

Head over to the Democratic Candidate Mashup page at Jumpcut to try it out yourself and let me know what you think.