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Embedded With the Candidates, NBC News Videoblogging the Campaign.

BY stevegarfield | Monday, June 25 2007

Jim Long, NBC News videographer, writes on his blog that NBC News and The National Journal/The Hotline are going to embed journalists in the campaigns of Presidential candidates.

Embedded With the Candidates, NBC News Videoblogging the Campaign.

Long sees this as an opportunity for videobloggers to get close the candidates and show us what they're like up close and personal.

Long quotes Steve Capus, President, NBC News."There is nothing like being there, up close and personal, when it comes to covering a presidential election, and this allows us to be there in a very big way. Our team of reporters on the road with the candidates will be in a unique position to report all aspects of this dynamic story for every single one of our platforms."I’d love to have the campaigns realize this too and start putting out more personal videos from the candidates. Of course I care about where they stand on the issues, but I’d also like to learn more about them as people.

What are they really like when they aren’t giving sound bites? How do they manage? are they micro managers or delegators.

I’m really interested to see what comes of this…