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Daddy Digi-Bucks and Election 2008

BY Micah L. Sifry | Monday, April 16 2007

There's nothing like transparency in the campaign finance arena, and with the first quarter reports in for the 2008 presidential candidates, here are some gleanings on who is giving to whom.

I personally think it's more important overall to know how much each campaign is depending on maxed-out donors and the super-fundraisers known as "bundlers" vs how much each campaign is raising from small donors, but that data isn't up yet on the Center for Responsive Politics' site (my source for what follows).

In the meantime, here are some interesting findings on which way the digerati are leaning in this election:

Hillary Clinton has a couple of major high-tech names backing her, including Google's Vint Cerf ($4,200) and Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel ($4,600) and uber-VC Vinod Kholsa, who gave her $2,300 along with supporting Barack Obama and John McCain with the same amount.

Barack Obama snagged Chad Hurley of YouTube ($2,300), tech visionary Mitchell Kapor ($4,600), former CA gubernatorial candidate Steve Westly ($2,300), and AOL's Ted Leonsis ($2,300).

John Edwards has the support of August Capital's Andrew Rappaport and his wife Debra ($10,200 in all), along with former Disney chief Michael Eisner ($2,300) and telecom exec Leo Hindery ($4,600).

Mitt Romney has the backing of Tim Draper ($2,300).

In the Hollywood department, David Geffen of DreamWorks maxed out to three candidates, Obama, Edwards and Dodd. Rob Reiner maxed out to Clinton and Edwards. Other big names backing Clinton include Norman Lear ($2,300), Tom Freston ($2,300), Ron Perelman ($2,300), and Susan Patricof ($2,300).