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Obama for President in Second Life

BY Lynne d Johnson | Wednesday, February 21 2007

Ever since I first heard the announcement that John Edwards set up a campaign in Second Life, I've been very interested in finding out what the other candidates were doing there. I started with a search for Barack Obama and found that there were two groups in Second Life focusing on his campaign. The first is Obama for America, with 3 members, and the second is Obama for President, with 36 members.

I've been resisting creating an identity in Second Life, that is up until this past weekend when I read an announcement about a meeting that the Obama for President group would be having today. The announcement read:

"Come Join Obama supporters around Second Life to plan our exciting campaign to make Senator Obama America's 44th President! We will discuss how to best spread the word on Obama's positive, progressive campaign throughout Second Life and into RL. The meeting is at the Silicon Island Pavillion. Time is 6PM SL Time (8PM Central Time, 9PM Eastern Time). Contact Cubsfan Pugilist."

Unfortunately,I've been having technical problems with teleporting to the SLURL (Second Life URL) for Silicon Island. Hoping to visit the location before the actual meeting, so that I'd know how to get there once the meeting began, was my initial intention. Now I suppose I'll have to wait for someone else to tell me about the activity surrounding Obama's campaign in Second Life.