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Duncan Hunter's New Digs, Same As The Others

BY Michael Turk | Friday, February 16 2007

Duncan Hunter has scored some big news this week with the recruitment of John Hawkins (of RightWingNews) as a consultant on blog and online strategy, and rolled out his new website. Unfortunately, all of that was lost on me the moment I saw his site.

Is it just me or do most of the Presidential sites this year all look alike? McCain's site breaks from the mold, but everything else seems to follow the same model - large graphic to the left, action center to the right, horizontal navigation, banner featuring the candidate name and an obligatory e-mail sign-up.

Honestly, I think the only reason I like McCain's new site is because I can tell it apart from the rest. It's like there's some catalog that all the Presidential wannabes are ordering from.

Don't get me wrong. Two years ago, I was a big fan of that look. Unfortunately, it hasn't evolved since. Please, someone, save me from two years of looking at 16 versions of the same website.