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Over the Transom

BY Micah L. Sifry | Thursday, February 15 2007

One of the things I love about blogging and the web is that if you have a halfway decent idea and it gets noticed by a few sites that function like giant switching stations, very quickly all kinds of other good people pop up and get in touch with their own good ideas and content. So, in just the last day, since being tapped by both TechCrunch and TalkingPointsMemo, here are some of the cool sites and posts that I've encountered:

--Blog the Campaign in 08, a group blog that subtitles itself, "How Social Media is changing the political landscape." A lot of discussion about blogging practices, triggered no doubt by the Edwards kerfluffle, but also a very useful run-down from February 11 looking at how social the various candidate websites are. This blog's feed is going straight into my reader.

--James Kotecki has a channel on YouTube where he is posting reviews of how the candidates are using YouTube. How cool is that? looks like it's got the Republican field well-covered.

--Erin Teeling of the Bivings Report (a great poli-tech site) has this post up looking at how poorly all the presidential candidates, with the modest exception of Obama, are doing on the social news site Digg. My guess is that's because Digg's core audience are young male techies, and so far none of the candidates have made a big splash on tech policy. (Erin, take a look at Digg's politics subpage!)