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First POST: Losses

BY Micah L. Sifry | Friday, February 13 2015


  • RIP David Carr. The media web is filled with sorrow for his untimely end; I think Dave Weigel captures best why this is such a personal loss for so many people.

  • Early errors on the technology front by John Ellis (Jeb) Bush have some Democratic techies crowing, reports Darren Samuelsohn for Politico.

  • The Bush tech team has redacted personal details of most of the more than 12,000 individuals whose data was exposed by his release of emails from his days as Governor of Florida, the Guardian reports.

  • #ThanksObama explained, and pwned by the President.

  • The next Knight News Challenge is focused on better informing voters and increasing civic participation around elections. There's $3 million available from Knight, the Democracy Fund, Hewlett Foundation and Rita Allen Foundation.

  • Jon Ronson reports for the New York Times magazine on how some people have had their lives ruined by stupid tweets they wrote that went viral.

  • Last fall, when Waze rolled out its so-called "connected citizens" program, I heard company officials claim that police liked the function that allows Wazers to report where they see cops on the roads (because it may reduce speeding), but in Miami, hundreds of officers are posting false information on it to make the app less useful. As Karl Bode comments for Techdirt, "All the Miami police force is doing is wasting time and taxpayer money in a war on perfectly legal conversation."

  • New York's city council is considering legislation calling on taxi regulators to limit how Uber, Lyft and other transportation network companies use customer data, Ryan Hutchins reports for Capital NY.

  • This is civic tech: Camila Souza profiles Damola Ugundipe, the founder of Civic Eagle, a mobile app that enables people to learn about and debate issues with each other.