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First POST: Stalking

BY Micah L. Sifry | Tuesday, January 27 2015


  • Government documents obtained by the ACLU show that the Drug Enforcement Administration has been tracking the movement of millions of vehicles across America using license plate readers. "If license plate readers continue to proliferate without restriction and the DEA holds license plate reader data for extended periods of time, the agency will soon possess a detailed and invasive depiction of our lives," blogged Bennet Stein and Jay Stanley of the ACLU.

  • Related: On Gizmodo, the EFF's Rainey Reitman lays out their master strategy for defeating mass surveillance worldwide. It includes getting tech companies to "harden their systems," convincing more people to encrypt their own communications, and a host of legal and policy fights.

  • Some law enforcement officers want Waze to disable what they call its "police stalker" feature, citing a danger to officer safety, AP reports.

  • Does your Senator #USETHENET? With this Saturday the filing deadline for US Senators to send in their quarterly campaign finance reports, our friends at the Sunlight Foundation are pushing for them to file electronically, rather than printing out their reports on paper (which causes long delays and costs the FEC hundreds of thousands of dollars to re-enter manually). Yes, that is the modern 21st century US Senate we are talking about.

  • ICYMI: Frequent techPresident contributor David Karpf explains why "Bill Gates' database of Global Citizens will not be 'Moneyball' for activism."

  • Speaking to Ezra Klein, Bill Gates says he doesn't think the Internet is making people dumber. No word on whether having huge amounts of money effects intelligence.

  • Politico's Tony Romm looks at how Silicon Valley money may shape the race to replace departing Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA).

  • WhatsApp is playing a big role in Israel's upcoming parliamentary elections, especially through its groups feature, reports Morad Stern for The Times of Israel.

  • The Israeli-Palestinian OneVoice movement is partnering with a new group aiming to shake up Israel's upcoming elections, V15, and getting help from Jeremy Bird, the Obama campaign organizing strategist, reports Ha'Aretz's Roy Arad (premium/registration required).