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First POST: Goggles

BY Micah L. Sifry | Tuesday, January 20 2015


  • In the New York Times, Jonathan Weisman parses the "shifting politics of net neutrality" as the FCC prepares to vote, noting how some Republicans are now adopting "the language of the net neutrality movement."

  • Ready for Hillary, the pro-Clinton Super PAC, is negotiating to give its Facebook and Twitter assets to Emily's List, reports Liz Kreutz of ABC News, while it will give its 3 million-member email list to Clinton's official campaign once it is set up.

  • "The average life of a web page is about a hundred days," historian Jill Lepore writes in her fascinating New Yorker story on the Internet Archive's efforts to save the web before most of it gets deleted. She covers problems like "link rot," "content drift," and "reference rot," and manages to get this sentence into the magazine: "The Wayback Machine is humongous, and getting humongouser."

  • Google and SpaceX are close to teaming up to build a fleet of SpaceX satellites to beam low-cost Internet around the world, Jessica Lessin reports for The Information.

  • The rising movement for racial justice in the US has lots of concrete demands; here's one map that aggregates them all.

  • Poliana, a Nashville-based political startup that starting out seeking to provide a way for politicians and constituents to better communicate with each other and then pivoted to become a site focused on making easy-to-understand data visualizations about the political system, has announced that it is open-sourcing all of its code and shutting down. Cofounder Patrick Mason's whole post-mortem is well-worth reading. My favorite lines: "Entrepreneurs, especially those like ourselves that are new to the game, develop blinders when we talk about our ideas. Take off the beer goggles and listen to people, they know you better than you know yourself sometimes."

  • February is free at Chicago's CivicLab--that is, if you want to try co-working there or running an event or teaching a class.

  • Gotham Gazette's Kristen Meriwether explores the family legacies behind Andrew Rasiej and yours truly's efforts to set up Civic Hall.