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First POST: Burrowing

BY Micah L. Sifry | Tuesday, October 14 2014


  • Down-ballot Democratic candidates are using digital tools like targeting online ads based on voters' Web browser cookies, reports Nancy Scola for the Washington Post. She writes, "It's part of what both Democrats and Republicans identify as a powerful digital trend. The left has spent the last 10 years developing campaign technologies, whether it's online advertising, the modeling of voter behavior, or volunteer contact management. This cycle, they say, they have figured out how to get those technologies to play well together -- and in turn make them available to even the smallest campaigns."

  • In addition to, the new service for low-level Democratic candidates seeking a cheap way to target their ads online, Scola also notes the launch of ActionID, "a single log-in for Democrats to use across their software projects," and the DNC's new API.

  • Microsoft Bing has launched a "one-stop-shop for comprehensive election information" featuring up-to-date race predictions and a personalized voter guide.

  • Burrowing through the public comments filed on the FCC's open Internet proposal, Techdirt's Mike Masnick finds evidence that a mobile service provider is interfering with users' ability to encrypt their own email traffic.

  • In Wired, Andy Greenberg publishes the text of the first emails that Edward Snowden sent to Laura Poitras. "This is a story that few but you can tell," he wrote her.

  • A study commission of the Italian Parliament has just released the draft of an Internet Bill of Rights.

  • Civicmakers is coming to NYC with an event Thursday October 23 on "Building a Better Democracy with Technology?" featuring NY city councilmember Ben Kallos, Mark headd of Accela, Seth Flaxman of Democracy Works, and our colleague Heidi Sieck.

  • Exposed: the tech curmudgeon behind the satirical @ProfJeffJarvis twitter handle.