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First POST: Optimized

BY Micah L. Sifry | Tuesday, October 7 2014


  • David Karpf chews on the DCCC's over-the-top email fundraising, salted with SumofUs' new engagement metric and suggest that the Democratic Party could be a lot stronger if it optimized its online campaign not only to raise money but to improve its standing among its own supporters.

  • "Technology in Politics" is the subject of Wednesday's edition of, with Ben Rattray of, veteran political consultant Joe Trippi, FEC Vice Chair Ann Ravel, Chris Kelly of Organizer, Jim Greer of CounterPAC, Nancy Scola of the Washington Post and Josh Ginsburg of Zignal Labs. Tune in on Google Plus at 11am PT.

  •, a key initiative of the Obama administration in its efforts to make government spending information more accessible to the public, just got a lot less functional, reports Matthew Rumsey for the Sunlight Foundation.

  • Crowdpac, the nonpartisan political technology startup, has rolled out a new function, making it easy for users to create and share lists of the candidates they are supporting. Examples include lists created by Lawrence Lessig and California LG Gavin Newsom, and a listed called "Beat Soros" made up of opponents of the candidates backed by George and Jonathan Soros.

  • Need a primer on civic tech to send to a board member in search of a clue? Jennifer Hollett's new "Civic Tech for Civic Voice," written for the Atkinson Foundation, might do the trick. It's actually tilted a bit towards the "tech for social change" side of civic tech, featuring profiles of the "Idle No More" campaign, Avaaz, Open Data Day, the Our Walmart campaign, and Fast Food Forward, but still a valuable addition to the literature.

  • Responding to yesterday's story in BuzzFeed about the installation of hundreds of tracking devices on public pay phone kiosk, the de Blasio administration has asked Titan, the company behind the program, to remove its "beacons," report Joseph Bernstein and Jeremy Singer-Vine for BuzzFeed.

  • Brazil's national election on Sunday generated 346 million interactions on Facebook, beating the 227 million tallied during the Indian national elections, reports

  • Iceland MP Birgitta Jonsdottir writes for us about why Kim Dotcom's Internet Party has resonance in her island country.