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First POST: Ducks

BY Micah L. Sifry | Monday, June 9 2014


  • If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck…it must be a campaign for president in 2016 by Hillary Clinton. So says Chris Cilizza in the Washington Post, connecting the dots between the high-level campaign operatives working for Ready for Hillary, the top political endorsements, the attacks from the likes of Karl Rove, and the new Clinton memoir, which comes out for real this week.

  • Robert Gibbs predicts that Clinton's book tour will collect a lot of data: "They’ll use all these events she goes to acquire information that can later be purchased by some political entity – whether it’s her campaign, or a super-PAC, or both. These will be people who’ll be exhibiting a relatively fresh desire to see and hear more of Hillary."

  • While the "Reset the Net" campaign didn't get credit, Friday's front-page New York Times story headlined "Internet Giants Erect Barriers to Spy Agencies" definitely covered its impact.

  • If you think net neutrality is a thorny issue, David Weinberger imagines the future of networked driverless cars, and ponders whether Google will abide by "Networked Road Neutrality."

  • Buying fake Twitter followers may give you real world benefits, social media data scientists Gilad Lotan (and PDM friend) writes for Medium. Not included: Lotan's list of other people--including politicians--who are buying fake followers. C'mon, Gilad, you can tell us!

  • Violet Blue savages Google's Sergey Brin for having forced Google Plus on the whole universe of Google users, arguably wrecking many of its core products, and now backtracking and saying it was all "a mistake."

  • Post PDF14, Nancy Scola goes a bit deeper with Adam Greenfield, riffing on his PDF talk and revealing that he is working on a new book, to be called "The City is Here for You to Use."

  • Some PDF14 speakers have started posting their talks; here's Anthea Watson's remarks and slides on "The Three Levels of Civic Engagement" (which was originally titled "The Calculus of Civic Engagement"), and here's Matthew Burton's talk on why "Government Service is a Civic Duty." We'll be getting videos up of all the main hall talks over the next several days.

  • Yours truly is taking off for a week's vacation; see you soon!