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Weekly Readings: Out-Innovated

BY Antonella Napolitano and Rebecca Chao | Monday, June 2 2014

  • The European Commission is refusing to honor information requests made via without mailing addresses even though the online platform is set up specifically to operate via email.
  • Kim Dotcom's Internet Party, which leans right-libertarian, makes a surprising move to join with New Zealand's left wing MANA movement.
  • Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong sues a blogger who claimed Lee had appropriated public funds.
  • Russia is putting restrictions on online payments under the pretense of terrorism but Global Voices purports Russia is afraid it will be used by activists to garner support -- like when Alexei Nalvany used online donations to run a highly successful mayoral campaign in 2013.
  • Russia also doesn't want US-run GPS satellites to operate in their territory and the block may make GPS-data in Russia less reliable.
  • Meanwhile the U.S. is trying to find Russian hacker Evgeniy Bogachev who they say attacked a number of companies and around one million computers around the world.
  • Over in India, people are enraged both online and off by another brutal gang rape. See here and here for what people are saying on Twitter.

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