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Announcing the #PDF14 Google Fellows!

BY Sonia Roubini | Wednesday, May 21 2014

We’re now able to announce the 2014 set of Google fellows for Personal Democracy Forum 2014! This year, PDF and Google teamed up to offer registration and travel fellowships to fifteen women in civic technology. We looked specifically for women who are working to keep the Internet open, researching ways that the Internet makes democracy stronger, or some exciting combination of the two. We’re very pleased that our fifteen fellows will be joining us at #PDF14. See Google's post about the fellows here.

Jamiah Adams – Director of Digital Media at the NAACP

Jamiah Adams produced educational, advocacy and documentary media for the web, television and film. Her past consulting work went hand in hand with a keen acumen for social and digital media strategy as she advised organizations on how to augment their presence on the Internet through use of existing web tools; paid advertising and social media. Currently, she’s serving as director of digital media at the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

Tiffany Chu – Fellow at Code for America

Tiffany is a designer, researcher, and urbanist. Currently a Fellow at Code for America, she is passionate about helping cities and organizations become more accessible and user-centered through design and technology. Previously, Tiffany launched the UX research practice at Zipcar, worked as an innovation consultant at Continuum, and wrote for Dwell. Tiffany has a background in architecture and urban planning from MIT.

Wendy Fong – Fellow at Code for America

Wendy Fong is currently a fellow at Code for America, where she works closely with cities to create better technology solutions to help residents. She's passionate about providing design solutions for non-profits and has collaborated with family services agencies, solar projects in rural Africa, inner city youth programs , and a women's crisis call center platform in Haiti.

Sarah M. Kaufman – Digital Manager at the NYU Rudin Center for Transportation

Sarah M. Kaufman is Digital Manager at the NYU Rudin Center for Transportation, where she researches, advocates for and educates about cutting-edge technologies in urban transportation, including open data and crowdsourcing. She connects thinkers and practitioners at her wildly popular Short Talks, Big Ideas events focused on transportation innovations, and creates visualizations to explain nuanced transportation concepts to the larger public. She is a font of useless NYC transit trivia.

Serah Kiburu – Web Developer at Code for Africa

Serah Kiburu is a web developer at Code For Africa and is very keen on opportunities available for people in rural and peri-urban communities as well as the youth agenda. She is also a poet and prose writer, focusing on real issues in society. She authors the blog and works as a poetry teacher/ play director in her free time. Serah believes we can all make a difference, if only we put our minds and hearts to it. Her motto is: Imagine. Create. Deploy.

Ellie Marshall – Campaign Coordinator for Wagemark

Ellie Marshall is the campaign coordinator for Wagemark, the international standard for certifying that the ratio between an organization's highest and lowest paid is fair, competitive, and sustainable. Previously, Ellie led communications and outreach for Open North a Canadian civic technology non-profit. Ellie will be joining the Oxford Internet Institute as a M.Sc candidate in October. Her research will focus on the monetization and militarization of self-surveillance.

Anna Mazgal – Managing Director of the Digital Center in Poland

Anna Mazgal is the Managing Director of Digital Center in Poland, an NGO promoting towards social change and enhancing citizens’ participation through the use of digital technologies and open, cooperative models based on sharing knowledge and other resources. She has been involved with NGOs from the beginning of her professional career, working with the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation, National Federation of Polish NGOs, European Network of National Civil Society Organizations, and Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe.

Rebekah Monson – Co-founder of Code for Miami and Hacks/Hackers Miami

Rebekah Monson is a co-founder of Code for Miami and Hacks/Hackers Miami. She is passionate about building inclusive communities that work to improve civic life, technology and journalism in South Florida. She works as communications manager for the University of Miami School of Communication, where she's a student in the Interactive Media MFA program.

Emma Mulqueeny – Founder of Rewired State and Young Rewired State

Emma is the founder of Rewired State and Young Rewired State. In 2014 she was invited by the Speaker of the House of Commons to join his Digital Democracy Commission, the first radical move to address the affects of the digital renaissance on the democratic process. She has been included in the 166th annual edition of Who’s Who, voted onto the Wired 100 list, Tech City 100, BIMA Hot 100, is one of NESTA’s 10 Tech Heroes and has been voted one of the top ten women in technology by The Guardian.

Alessandra Orofino – Co-founder and Executive Director of Meu Rio

Alessandra Orofino is the co-founder and Executive Director of Meu Rio, an organization that uses mobilization technologies and communication tools to engage thousands of citizens of Rio de Janeiro in shaping public policy at the city level. Meu Rio is currently expanding its model and impact to 20 cities all over Brazil. Alessandra has previously worked in Brazil, India and the United States, tackling issues ranging from gender-based violence to conservation and climate. When she is not trying to make her city more inclusive, Alessandra enjoys cooking, reading, dancing and sunbathing in Rio's many beaches.

Clémence Pene – Advisor on Digital and Open Governance for Anne Hidalgo, City of Paris

As a PhD candidate in political science working on digital campaigning in France and in the U.S., Clémence became curator for the Personal Democracy Forum France in Paris. During the past year, she ran the digital campaign of Anne Hidalgo, who has became the first women elected Mayor of Paris last month. Clémence is now working for Anne Hidalgo at the City of Paris, advising her on digital and open governance, in order to make Paris one of the smarter cities of the world.

Emma Ruiz – Political Director with Annie's List in Texas

Emmy Ruiz was born in raised in south Texas. Her parents are Mexican immigrants and she has spent her career organizing & empowering voters so that others, like her, can live the American Dream. Previously, she was the General Election Director for President Barack Obama's re-election in Nevada, and today is she is the Political Director at Annie's List - dedicated to recruiting, running, and electing Democratic women to office in Texas.

Joylita Saldanha – Product Management Professional

Joylita gets excited and make things happen. She loves: Data, Design and Technology, and fiddles around with web and mobile products in the guise of a Product Manager and pontificates on UX stuff. She built I Paid a Bribe ( and I Change My City ( and is the winner of Google Impact Challenge India's Global Impact Award as part of Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy.

Paola Villarreal – Creator of the Open Data portal for Mexico City's Government

Paola is an autodidact with 15 years of experience as an all-terrain software developer and systems administrator. She's been working on Civic Innovation and Open Data for several years on projects from Mexico's and Mexico City's governments that include running the Code for Mexico City's Fellowship and the Data Lab for The Lab for the City. She's worked implementing Creative Commons, Open Source Software and general Openness in several Mexican governments and companies, something she's passionate about.

Katrin Verclas – Demvox

Katrin is works on tech and international politics and development. She has run projects focused on open elections, tech for democracy, responsible data for development, and tech for human rights and transparency. She has run innovation units, launched products, and started up social enterprises. She is currently in stealth for a new project focused on civic tech.