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Weekly Readings: Joining the Amish

BY Antonella Napolitano and Rebecca Chao | Monday, May 12 2014

  • A German entrepreneur expresses fear in his growing dependence on Google via an open letter. Among many frustrations, Mathias Döpfner writes:

  • "At the moment Google has a 91.2 percent search-engine market share in Germany. In this case, the statement 'if you don’t like Google, you can remove yourself from their listings and go elsewhere' is about as realistic as recommending to an opponent of nuclear power that he just stop using electricity. He simply cannot do this in real life – unless he wants to join the Amish."

  • British MP Stella Creasy wants to give consumers more rights over their personal data.

  • According to Atlantic Cities, Helsinki is one of the most pioneering city in the world when it comes to open data.

  • The European Parliamentary elections are approaching soon and this time, pirate parties from 17 difference European countries are running.

  • Ever wanted to know how foreign ministries interacted with each other on social media? Now you can with this map from the Digital Diplomacy Blog.

  • In Guatemala, is a crowdsourced mobile platform for reporting crime.

  • Open data during disaster relief could eliminate some common problems like no-bid contracts and fraud, writes one practitioner in Fast Company.

  • Bolivian students in Cochabamba crawled around in snail costumes to protest the slow pace of Internet in their city.

  • Tango, a free chat app for iOS and Android is seeking to enter the Chinese market. Worryingly, they will seek to censor if they need to.

  • Casa del Bosque is a new foundation in Bogotá that focuses on technology and activism.

  • In Venezuela, a pro-government website that reappeared and quickly disappeared has people talking about it online.

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