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First POST: Secret Sharers

BY Micah L. Sifry | Thursday, March 27 2014

Secret Sharers

  • Former President Jimmy Carter says he'd consider pardoning Edward Snowden.

  • In case you missed it, here's the video of Barton Gellman, Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras discussing the Snowden revelations (via Skype conference call) with moderator Roger Cohen at the Sources and Secrets conference.

  • Lee Rainie of Pew Research does an "ask me anything" with Reddit. Most interesting response from him: "I really am drawn to the ideas of my friend, David Weinberger, that the performance of the reddit community is a harbinger of new knowledge structures, new information flows in society, and new ways that engaged community members can interact with experts and the powerful."

  • Brian Cheski, the founder of Airbnb offers his vision of a "shared city" made of micro-entrepreneurs (aka small businesses?) and outlines his company's new partnership with Portland, Oregon.

  • The dystopian future, but in 3-D: Joshua Topolsky offers "Greetings From Planet Facebook."

  • Alex Howard unpacks the "backlash against data journalism."

  • Speaking of the backlash, Nate Silver pokes fun at Paul Krugman.

  • The first cohort of nonprofit startups to make it through Y Combinator just graduated, and former MoveOn field director and Scoot Networks cofounder Matt Ewing looks at what to learn from the trial run. Most interesting: his thoughts on why Silicon Valley doesn't have a bigger philanthropic footprint.

  • Susannah Vila of engine room pens a report for our WeGov section on "User Engagement Strategies for Open Data," with lessons from Nepal, Mozambique, Kenya, Indonesia and the US.

  • In the Daily Beast, Lawrence Lessig asks why 16 Republican Senators are opposed to requiring people submitting scientific comments to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration disclose any financial conflicts of interest they may have.