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New Report: User Engagement Strategies for Open Data

BY Susannah Vila | Wednesday, March 26 2014

"If you're interested in the way that power works, then data is at the heart of it," says Jon Dovey, a researcher in the UK who is involved in the Open Data Institute's second annual Data as Culture exhibition. The show, which our Jessica McKenzie reported on yesterday, uses art and culture to engage people with open data. It hits on a pressing set of challenges: as more and and more data, both small and big, become available, what kind of social impact can we expect it to help generate? If you, as a citizen, can now have greater access to and know much more about public expenditures, for example, does that mean you'll find a way to influence public spending so that it more accurately reflects the interests of you or your neighbors? Not necessarily.

That's why efforts like the ODI's Culture exhibition are useful. Open Data is also the theme of a new report that we're publishing today: "User Engagement Strategies for Open Data." The report explores five cases from across three continents and has an eye towards defining what works for engaging target groups of people with data, particularly data on the activities of governments and development institutions. Our goal is for these strategies to be informative for technologists, activists and entrepreneurs who are creating products with open data.

You can download the report below.

User Engagement Strategies for Open Data

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