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What Would You Ask Glenn Greenwald?

BY Micah L. Sifry | Monday, February 24 2014

Glenn Greenwald, 30th Chaos Communications Congress, Hamburg 2013 (Photo by Tobias Klenze)

On March 10, I'm going to be talking with noted author and journalist Glenn Greenwald at South by Southwest, in a main hall session co-organized by Personal Democracy Media. We're going to focus on the future of journalism, civil liberties and politics.

The idea for this session is that it be a conversation, not a speech or a typical one-on-one interview, and in setting it up we decided that it would be great to try to include lots of questions from the public. To that end, Glenn and I are asking that folks go to his page on AskThem, the new open-source nonprofit platform for crowd-sourcing questions to politicians and public figures, to post and vote up the questions you would like us to discuss. As long as questions are civil and relevant, I promise to ask the ones that get the most votes there.

While you are on AskThem, definitely poke around; a number of politicians have already signed up to tackle questions from the public, and you can use the site to initiate your own to every elected official nationwide as well as anyone with a verified Twitter account. (There's a list of great examples here.)

During our SXSW session, we're also going to be taking questions from the live audience using #askgreenwald as the hashtag, so if you post a question for Glenn on AskThem, use that hashtag too if you share it.