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Twitter Storm For #Euromaidan Asks Media To Give As Much Attention To Revolution as Justin Bieber

BY Jessica McKenzie | Tuesday, January 28 2014

As previously noted on techPresident, the West paid next to no attention to the protests in Ukraine for two months, right up until violence broke out. Once the protests could be described as “Deadly Clashes” they made better headlines. Still, it wasn't until activists coordinated a Twitter Storm that a Ukraine-related hashtag made it into Twitter's worldwide trending topics.

The coordinators of the Twitter Storm explained the action on the Facebook event page:

Have you been a part of a Twitter storm before? If not, here's how they work: A Twitter storm is when people, at a specific time, bombard twitter with the same hashtag. Just before the Twitter storm starts, a google page of around 80 pre-made tweets will be shared here on this event page. The pre-made tweets target TV stations, newspapers, officials, celebrities. There will be a separate one for Canada that excludes members of Congress. By all of us tweeting the same 80 messages with the same hashtag at various media and VIPs, we can get our message trending.

This Storify aggregated some of the best tweets from the Twitter Storm, many of them taking jabs at the rampant coverage of Justin Bieber by the US media.

This time lapse map shows the frequency of #euromaidan tweets as they spread around the world from January 19 to January 23.

Earlier today, the prime minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov resigned, before a vote in Parliament could strip him of his power. Parliament also abolished the controversial anti-protest laws enacted earlier this month by a show of hands.

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