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First POST: Dirty Socks

BY Micah L. Sifry | Tuesday, January 14 2014

Dirty Socks

  • If you read just one thing about Emma and Bill Keller's double-set of columns on Lisa Adams (the former of which was taken down by The Guardian for investigation) and her fight with cancer, let it be this essay by Zeynep Tufekci. Sadly, Bill Keller thinks the negative reaction to both pieces was fueled "by a tide of political correctness."

  • My two cents: There's something that connects Keller's apparent disdain for Adams' self-disclosure and his noted distaste for Julian Assange's dirty socks. Unfortunately for him, the world will never be as orderly as he thought it once was.

  • If you haven't yet read Anthony Townsend's new book The Smart City, check out this interview with him in The Atlantic.

  • Now that Google has bought Nest, the connected home thermostat company, questions about privacy and the "internet of things" suddenly have a much greater urgency, Stacey Higgenbotham argues in GigaOm.

  • Also: Matt Haughey of Metafilter uses a recent family vacation to explain why personal home data is so powerful.

  • One NSA surveillance reform idea--that private telephone companies hold Americans' metadata rather than the agency itself--is drawing resistance from those very companies, the AP's Stephen Braun reports.

  • University of Chicago professor Geoffrey Stone, one of the five members of President Obama's NSA review panel, explains why he thinks the metadata collection program is unconstitutional.

  • Brian Fung profiles Josh Cohen and his Open Supporter Data Initiative, which aims to solve the data integration problems that still bedevil political campaigns--but for liberals only. Catalist, NGP VAN, Salsa Labs, Amicus and Blue State Digital are all pitching in.

  • Honolulu Answers may be the best FAQ any city has ever made.

  • Rodrigo Davies writes that Kansas City nonprofit BikeWalkKC has just launched "the biggest civic crowdfunding campaign ever."

  • has gotten a redesign.

  • Kin Lane offers "An API strategy for the U.S> government."

  • Veteran Google DC lobbyist Pablo Sanchez is moving to LinkedIn.